In Five Years: A Novel Paperback Review - Is It Worth Reading? (2021)


Welcome to our in-depth and comprehensive review of the book "In Five Years: A Novel" by Rebecca Serle. If you are a fan of gripping and thought-provoking genre fiction, then this book is a must-read for you. In this review, we will delve into the captivating storyline, explore the compelling characters, and provide our honest assessment of this highly acclaimed novel. Whether you are a book lover or simply looking for your next great read, join us as we uncover the secrets behind "In Five Years: A Novel."

Product Description

The In Five Years: A Novel is a captivating and thought-provoking paperback written by Rebecca Serle. Released on March 2, 2021, this novel falls under the genre of fiction, specifically in the category of literature. With its intriguing storyline and well-developed characters, it has garnered a solid rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars from a whopping 56,933 customer reviews.

This novel revolves around the life of Dannie Kohan, a successful corporate lawyer living in New York City. Dannie has her life meticulously planned out, including her five-year plan. However, everything changes when she falls asleep on the night of her engagement and wakes up five years into the future. In this unexpected future, she finds herself in a different apartment, with a different ring on her finger, and a different man beside her. Confused and disoriented, she tries to make sense of this alternate reality and understand the implications it may have on her present life.

Rebecca Serle beautifully crafts a narrative that explores themes of fate, love, and the choices we make. The novel not only delves into the complexities of relationships and personal growth but also poses questions about the nature of time and the unpredictability of the future. Serle's writing style is engaging and keeps readers hooked from beginning to end.

For those who enjoy character-driven stories filled with emotional depth and unexpected twists, In Five Years: A Novel is a must-read. Serle's ability to create relatable characters and her skillful storytelling make this book a compelling and immersive reading experience.

With its affordable price of $9, this paperback is a fantastic addition to any book lover's collection. Whether you are a fan of fiction or simply enjoy thought-provoking narratives, In Five Years: A Novel is a literary gem worth exploring.

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Pros and Cons


  1. Engaging and Emotional Storyline: Many readers have praised "In Five Years" for its intense emotions and well-depicted storyline. The book successfully captures the readers' attention from the beginning and keeps them engaged throughout. The narrative style of writing and well-articulated chapters further enhance the reading experience.

  2. Strong Character Development: The characters in this novel have received high praise from readers. With a rating of 5 out of 5 for characters, it is evident that the author has created compelling and relatable individuals. The friendship between Danielle "Dannie" and Bella is particularly highlighted as a strong bond that readers appreciate.

  3. Plot Twists and Emotional Impact: Reviewers have expressed their surprise and emotional connection to the plot twists in "In Five Years." The turning point in the story is described as a moment that "destroyed" the readers, showcasing the author's ability to evoke intense emotions through the narrative. This emotional impact makes the book a memorable and thought-provoking read.


  1. Lack of Romantic Development: Some readers have mentioned that they expected more from the romantic aspect of the story. The beginning of the book drew them in, but they felt that the middle portion lacked the desired romantic depth. However, it's important to note that this novel primarily focuses on friendship and grief rather than being a traditional romance.

  2. Mixed Opinions on the Beginning and Middle: While most readers found the beginning captivating, a few mentioned feeling disconnected from the story during the middle portion. This indicates that the pacing might be subjective and could vary from reader to reader.

  3. Plain Cover Design: Although the gold detailing on the cover is appreciated, some readers found the overall design to be plain. However, it's important to note that the cover design does not affect the quality of the content inside.

These pros and cons provide a balanced overview of the "In Five Years" novel. While the emotional and engaging storyline, strong character development, and plot twists are praised by many, some readers had differing opinions regarding the romantic aspect and pacing. Overall, this book has garnered positive feedback and is recommended for those seeking a thought-provoking read with well-crafted characters and emotional depth.

Customer Reviews

The book "In Five Years: A Novel" has received a total of 56,933 ratings on Amazon, with an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. Let's take a closer look at what customers have to say about this novel.

  • One reviewer mentioned that the plot turning point "destroyed" them, indicating a strong emotional impact. Another reviewer also highlighted the intense emotions depicted throughout the storyline.

  • Some readers enjoyed the book but felt that the beginning was more engaging than the middle. One reviewer mentioned wanting more from the romantic side of the story.

  • Several reviewers praised the book for its unexpected love story and its ability to evoke tears. One reader stated that they hadn't cried so much while reading a book in a long time.

  • A reviewer loved the book for its cute and inspiring nature, describing it as an easy read that leaves no regrets.

  • The theme of friendship is also highlighted in the reviews. One reader mentioned the strong bond between the two best friends, Danielle "Dannie" and Bella, while another stated that the book is primarily about friendship and grief, with romance playing a secondary role.

  • There is even a review in Italian, which translates to "Light and enjoyable reading, it involves you and transports you into its world."

Overall, the customer reviews for "In Five Years: A Novel" indicate a positive reception, with readers praising the emotional depth, character development, and unexpected plot twists. The book's ability to evoke strong emotions and explore themes of friendship and love resonated with many readers, making it a compelling read in the genre of fiction literature.


After thoroughly reviewing "In Five Years: A Novel", it is evident that this book has left a lasting impression on its readers. With its captivating plot, well-developed characters, and intense emotions, it is no surprise that it has received an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars from over 56,900 customers on Amazon.

One of the standout features of this book is the way it skillfully portrays intense emotions and tackles complex themes through its storyline. The narrative style of writing and well-articulated chapters make for an engaging reading experience. The plot turning point has been described by one reader as something that "absolutely destroyed" them, showcasing the emotional impact this book can have.

While some readers felt that the romantic side of the story could have been further explored, the unexpected love story and the strong emphasis on friendship and grief have resonated with many. The book has also been praised for its ability to evoke tears and inspire readers.

Overall, "In Five Years: A Novel" offers a unique and compelling reading experience. If you are looking for a book that delves into the complexities of love, friendship, and the unexpected turns life can take, this is a must-read. With its well-crafted plot and relatable characters, it is sure to leave a lasting impression on any reader. Don't miss out on this emotional and inspiring journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the genre of the book "In Five Years: A Novel"?

    "In Five Years: A Novel" falls under the genre of Fiction, specifically Genre Fiction. It offers readers a captivating and emotional storyline that keeps them engaged from beginning to end.

  2. What is the price of the book?

    The paperback version of "In Five Years: A Novel" is priced at $9. This makes it an affordable option for book lovers who are looking for a compelling read without breaking the bank.

  3. What are the feedback and ratings from buyers?

    The book has received positive feedback from buyers, with an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. Readers have praised the well-developed characters, intense emotions portrayed through the storyline, and the unexpected plot twists that keep them hooked.

  4. Is the cover of the book visually appealing?

    While opinions may vary, the majority of buyers find the cover of "In Five Years: A Novel" visually appealing. It may be described as plain, but the gold detailing adds a touch of elegance and beauty.

  5. Does the book have a strong romantic aspect?

    While the book does have a romantic element, it is not the main focus. Readers have mentioned that they expected more from the romantic side, but the story primarily revolves around themes of friendship and grief.

  6. Does the book have a turning point that impacts the reader?

    Yes, the book has a turning point that has left readers emotionally affected. Many have mentioned that the turning point "destroyed" them, highlighting the powerful impact it has on the overall reading experience.

  7. Is the book easy to read and comprehend?

    "In Five Years: A Novel" is written in a narrative style that readers have found easy to follow and comprehend. The well-articulated chapters contribute to a smooth reading experience, making it accessible to a wide range of readers.

  8. Is the book recommended for readers who enjoy intense emotions and heartfelt stories?

    Absolutely! Readers who enjoy books that evoke intense emotions and delve into heartfelt stories will find "In Five Years: A Novel" to be a worthwhile read. The book has been described as cute, inspiring, and capable of making readers shed tears.

  9. Can readers connect with the characters in the book?

    Yes, readers have praised the author's ability to create relatable and well-developed characters. The strong bond of friendship between the main characters, Danielle "Dannie" and Bella, resonates with readers and adds depth to the story.

  10. Is the book suitable for readers looking for a light and enjoyable read?

    While "In Five Years: A Novel" deals with intense emotions and complex themes, it is still considered a relatively light and enjoyable read. The book strikes a balance between evoking emotions and providing an engaging reading experience that keeps readers entertained.

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